A unique experience for American coaches!


Soccer Symposium 2012 is the first stage for American coaches to be held in New York on next 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th of April. Major Italian football professionals (see curricula) will participate as speakers in this initiative, which have been selected among the most successful authors from an Italian publisher of soccer training books:

  • Ciccio Graziani - 1982 world champion and professional trainer.
  • Paolo Tramezzani - Professional coach and former player of Italian and English teams.
  • Alfredo Magni - Professional coach specialized in goalkeepers training.
  • Ernesto Nani & Giuseppe Pietrocini - Professional coaches of youth teams.
  • Alberto Nabiuzzi - Professional coach of youth sectors of Italian "Serie A" teams
The following topics will be covered during the internship:
  • Studies on Italian football training techniques.
  • Training courses for players and goalkeepers of several age ranges;
  • Models of tactics, techniques and relationships between players and companies.

The workshop will be based on 11-12 modules lasting about one hour, encompassing theoretical introduction and field demonstration.

One of the ultimate goals of the internship is to compare the Italian football models with the models emerging in other countries. that will be achieved also with written contributions of the participants. An original exercise, where a feedback will be given on:

  • technical and tactical objectives
  • approach related to age
  • tools and their usage duration
  • effectiveness of results in education and training

Contacts: 584 Ardsley BLVD - Garden City South NY 11530
Phone: 001 516 507 2401 - Mail: info@soccersymposium.com

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